“In Touch Ministries is proud to have partnered with Wilkins Radio Network for the last 14 years.”
~Sheila McGaughey (Media Services, In Touch Ministries) Broadcast Partner since November 1999

“I would encourage anyone considering broadcasting to enhance their ministry to give strong consideration to becoming part of the Wilkins Radio family.” ~ Jeffrey A. Adler (Rabbi, Messianic Jewish Congregation Shaarey Yeshua) Broadcast Partner since September 2006

“Wilkins Radio has been airing Turning Point programs for the past 18 years.  I count it a privilege to call them my partners and friends in delivering the unchanging Word of God to an ever changing world through their quality broadcasting facilities.”  ~David Jeremiah (Speaker, Turning Point) Broadcast Partner since May 1995                                                                                                         
“Our heart is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with as many people as possible. Wilkins Radio shares that heart. We look to them as true partners in ministry. They take a ministry first attitude. They are attentive, supportive, and do all that they can to help make our radio broadcast successful. We are proud to stand with the Wilkins team.”  ~Bob Christopher (CEO, President and Radio Host-Basic Gospel) Broadcast Partner since August 2002

“We have been so blessed by hearing from folks that listen to the program on your stations.  It is and continues to be a wonderful partnership”. ~ Phyllis Stanbery (Radio Coordinator, Old Country Church) Broadcast Partner since February 1997

“Fellowship in the Word has had the privilege of partnering with Wilkins Radio for close to ten years. The staff at Wilkins took the time to understand our philosophy of ministry and they have done an excellent job of finding stations that fit our ministry objectives. We are thankful for their partnership in helping us broadcast God’s Word to our world.”  ~Brad Rine (Associate Pastor, Fellowship in the Word) Broadcast Partner since July 2002

“Unlocking the Bible’s partnership with Wilkins Radio has borne wonderful fruit for us. We’ve reached a supportive audience that shares our passion for unapologetic proclamation of God’s Word. Our joint commitment to ‘the power of the open book’ has led to lives being transformed by the Gospel. The Wilkins team is encouraging, supportive, and responsive. It’s a pleasure to see a kingdom-oriented company using its resources and facilities to touch lives for eternity.” ~Colin Smith (Speaker, Unlocking the Bible) Broadcast Partner since March 2004

“I believe we have been on Wilkins at least four years and each year continues to be such a blessing. The radio listeners seem to always be excited about the Word of God and they seem to enjoy the broadcast. We receive weekly correspondence from (listeners).  It is a JOY to be a part of this Radio Network.” ~Joycelyn Pernell-Henderson (Vice President, Living By Precepts Ministries) Broadcast Partner since April 2008

“Wilkins has been in business for over 23 years and they’ve built a strong base of sound teaching ministries that listeners look forward to hearing each day. Several first time callers have called and contributed to our ministry, and they are hearing our program via the Wilkins Network. Thank you!”  ~ Della Miller (Radio Network Coordinator, Messianic Perspectives – A ministry of the Christian Jew Foundation) Broadcast Partner since August 2002

“Wilkins Radio is both affordable and has a large listening audience.  We have been able to reach more people with the teaching of God’s word.  If you are considering radio for your ministry, I highly recommend them.”  ~ Mike Lutz (Pastor & Author, Discovering God’s Will for Your Life) Broadcast Partner since February 2012

“Thank God for the Wilkins Radio Network. Our strategic partnership is blazing a trail to make Christians normal. Normal is defined by the Bible.”  ~Sid Roth (Messianic Vision) Broadcast Partner since March 2006

“For those of us with smaller budgets, Wilkins Radio Network has been a real God send.  It’s been a real pleasure to work with them in airing my ministry programs and they really do work hard to get us the best air time rates as well as the best Radio Stations for anyone’s particular needs.”  ~ Steven Millhorn (Speaker, Expounder Ministries) Broadcast Partner since February 2005

“I prayerfully will continue to expand our radio broadcasts and our college will certainly look forward to the connection with the ministry of Wilkins Radio.  I highly recommend them.” ~ Dino J. Pedrone (President, Davis College) Broadcast Partner since August 2010

“I have found Wilkins Radio Network to be a Christian radio company that is committed and good at what it does in the Kingdom of God.  Personally, I endorse and would recommend to other new or experienced Christian radio ministries to pray about using some of Wilkins radio stations network to teach or preach God’s inspired Word.”  ~ Rev. Gary J. Hammond (Radio Ministry Founder/Speaker, Hammond International Ministries) Broadcast Partner since June 2009

“I thank God for the Wilkins Radio Network!  Reasonable and fair in their rates, they have enabled our broadcast “Jesus is Our Shepherd” to reach many individuals and families with our particular message that emphasizes both the holiness of the Lord as well as the prophetic significance of the covenant of marriage.” ~ Raymond McMahon (Speaker, Jesus is Our Shepherd) Broadcast Partner since May 2003

“We have been honored to work with Wilkins Radio Network for many glorious years.” ~Lynnette House (World Missionary Evangelism) Broadcast Partner since September 2001 

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