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Feel free to click on any station’s live stream to hear the Gospel delivered by some of the world’s most dynamic Bible teachers.  Be sure to contact your favorite programs and let them know you enjoy hearing the broadcast.

All broadcasts are local times.

Wilkins Radio is striving to provide you with the very best in Christian programming whether you listen on your car or home radio or through our stations’ live streams on your smartphone, tablet or personal computer.  Internet streaming offers a great alternative to traditional radio.  According to Barna research, the proportion of the population using the internet for faith purposes has increased by two-thirds since 1998.

Internet streaming also makes it possible for people to receive the Gospel in areas of the world where it is illegal or too difficult to spread the good news of Jesus Christ through traditional means.  Our live streaming delivers your message of Jesus Christ to all corners of the world.

Our streaming is available 24 hours per day 7 days per week and is provided at no charge.  With today’s technology, smartphones and tablets enable the ability to listen at your convenience.